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Laser Hair Removal in Gurgaon

Unlike traditional hair removal methods like waxing or tweezing, laser hair removal destroys the root of the hair follicles, thereby eliminating unwanted hair and preventing future growth. At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, we offer quick and painless laser hair removal in Gurgaon with permanent results.

Clinic Cosmo Lipalane has been established with a vision to provide top-notch skincare and hair removal services in Gurgaon. We have performed several treatments at our clinic, with a staff of highly trained aestheticians and clinicians. We ensure that every laser treatment at our clinic is safe and effective, helping our customers to go hair-free. We are conveniently placed on Golf Course Road at South Point Mall, offering affordable laser hair removal in Gurgaon for men & women.

Get premium laser hair removal on areas including the face, legs, back, abdomen, full body, etc. at Clinic Cosmo Lipalane.

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At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, our focus is on providing individual attention to each patient with a result-focused approach.

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How does Laser Hair Removal Work?


Laser hair removal works by focusing a laser of a specific wavelength on the skin. The laser light directly penetrates the pigment of your hair, which then reaches the roots of the hair and transforms into heat energy.

The follicle is then cauterized after it reaches a critical temperature from the heat, preventing any future regrowth.

The laser pulse only lasts for a millisecond, which is enough to disrupt the follicles and stop hair growth.

Our certified clinicians know how to target each follicle during their anagen, or the active growth phase. The anagen phase is the only time when a laser will be successful in destroying the follicles and cells producing hair. This is why multiple sessions of laser hair removal are required before you can see the desired results.


Why Use Laser Hair Removal?

Traditional hair removal methods like waxing and plucking are temporary and mostly painful. Waxing delicate areas such as the chin can also irritate. On the other hand, laser hair removal is a long-term hair removal solution that eliminates most of your unwanted hair from a region in multiple sittings.

Shaving and hair removal creams also yield temporary results. Your unwanted hair will keep growing again and again, and you will have to tend to your skin periodically to maintain smooth and hair-free skin.

Here are five major benefits of laser hair removal:

Removes Ingrown Hairs

Laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hairs and prevents regrowth. If you have a pesky ingrown hair, this treatment is apt for you. It is also well-suited to individuals with sensitive skin who have skin irritation after waxing or shaving.

It's a Cost-effective Alternative

With laser hair removal, you can eliminate the need for endless shaving and waxing appointments. Laser hair removal remains more cost-effective and less time-consuming with longer-lasting results.

No Hair Growth Between Treatments

Unlike waxing and shaving, you do not have to wait for your hair to grow. Laser hair removal penetrates the pigment of each hair follicle and inhibits growth.

Treatments Don't Take Long

If you think you're about to spend an entire day at a spa, think again. Laser hair removal is not as time-consuming as it may seem. A single treatment on smaller areas like underarms takes about 20-25 minutes, while larger areas like arms and legs take about an hour. Once the procedure starts, you will be done in no time.

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At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, our focus is on providing individual attention to each patient with a result-focused approach.

Who is Laser Hair Removal For?

Every individual has a different skin. The absorption of the laser light differs from one person to the next – it is more effectively absorbed by the hair follicles in some people than others. Our trained clinicians can give you a complete assessment of your skin’s eligibility, and the number of sessions required for the procedure. This feasibility assessment is carried out during the initial consultations.

Laser hair removal is ideal for both men and women, who are looking for hair removal methods alternative to shaving or waxing. If you want a long-term solution to get rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the right procedure for you.

However, the treatment is more effective in some people than others. Individuals with darker hair colour can be more effectively treated, due to better absorption of light energy by the follicles. Meanwhile, the treatment is ineffective for people with white and grey hair.

Areas of the body that can be treated with laser hair removal are:

Small Areas

  1. Ears
  2. Chin
  3. Eyebrows
  4. Feet
  5. Hands
  6. Neck
  7. Sideburn
  8. Upper lip
  9. Areola

Medium Areas

  1. Face & Neck
  2. Stomach
  3. Underarms
  4. Bikini Line

Large Areas

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Legs
  5. Arms
  6. Buttocks

Book an initial consultation for the best laser hair removal in Gurgaon where our clinicians will conduct an in-depth assessment of your skin and hair type. Based on this assessment, we will curate a tailored laser hair removal plan including the number of sessions required before you can achieve hair-free results.

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At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, our focus is on providing individual attention to each patient with a result-focused approach.

Are There any Side Effects?


Laser hair removal has a few side effects, though mostly mild or rare. Our trained and certified professionals mitigate such effects with a comprehensive skin analysis and experience with laser treatments.

The side effects include:

  • Mild swelling in the treated area
  • Slight redness along the treated area
  • Temporary irritation or burning sensation
  • Temporary pigment changes among individuals with dark skin

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal Aftercare


Concierge Laser Hair Removal Services in Gurgaon


At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, you are the very centre of everything we do.

We take pride in delivering premium, concierge-like laser hair removal in Gurgaon. We promote a nurturing environment where we exceed your expectations with utmost care and comfort to you.

We prioritize your safety and satisfaction at all times and aim to provide an unparalleled experience to our customers.

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At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, our focus is on providing individual attention to each patient with a result-focused approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results from laser hair removal depend and vary from one individual to the next. Age, hormones, skin, and hair color, all play a role in the final result. However, laser hair removal eliminates 80%-90% of hair from a given area, which may last from several months to a year typically.

The number of sessions required varies from one individual to the next. On average, you can expect a 90% reduction in unwanted hair in 6-8 sessions, performed 4-6 weeks apart.

Laser hair removal can cause minimal discomfort to some, though the majority of patients describe it as tolerable and comfortable. The effect, at most, is described as an elastic band flicking on the treated area. At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, we use cooling and numbing products to minimise any discomfort caused to our patients.

Our proficient clinicians ensure that you feel safe and comfortable throughout the procedure. Even if you have a dark skin tone, you can benefit from laser hair removal in Gurgaon. However, some people with very dark skin tones are not suitable for the treatment, due to the immense heat produced. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment, so the more the pigment the more laser that needs to be absorbed, causing more superficial heat.

During the treatment, we will provide you with sunglasses to avoid direct exposure. It is normal to experience mild pain during the first few treatments, however, this pain will dissipate over time with more sessions. You can expect redness and swelling for up to 24 hours after the treatment, and mild heating of the treated area 2-3 hours after each session.

Individuals who have undergone a recent suntan may experience more serious conditions such as blisters or scarring. We advise our patrons to disclose any skin sensitivity issues or medications for sunlight exposure, during the initial consultations to prevent discomfort and maximising the results.