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An Urban Retreat of Wellness

An Urban Retreat of Wellness

The Vision Behind Clinic Cosmo Lipalane

At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, we have a team of experienced skin care experts who provide a wide range of aesthetic services. We are a relaxing spa and cosmetology center in Gurgaon that has pioneered non-surgical skincare solutions and advanced facial treatments.

Keeping abreast with the latest skincare modalities and technology, Cosmo Lipalane can address any skincare issue you may be facing. We have revolutionised the concept of aesthetic treatment that enhances your well-being and restores a youthful glow.

We are trusted skincare experts with a strong emphasis on ethics. Our clinical expertise entails best-in-class treatments like facials, anti-acne treatment, Botox, laser therapies, pigmentation treatment, Microneedling, cool sculpting, fat reduction, and more. 

We turn the clock back on your skin with our anti-aging and skin correction solutions. Our aestheticians combine cosmo-therapeutic skin care with world-class products that penetrate deep into your skin to address and resolve any skin concern. 

Our professional dermatologists can tailor a suitable treatment program to your requirements. Whether you want a relaxing atmosphere for skin rejuvenation services or an escape to pamper your senses, Clinic Cosmo Lipalane welcomes you on a journey of realising your inner beauty. 

We welcome you to a retreat to indulge your senses and reinvigorate your mind and body with premium aesthetic and beauty treatments.



Bespoke Treatments for Excellent Results


At Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, we pay great attention to the minutest of details with our premium skin treatment in Gurgaon. 

Our professional skin experts offer you concierge-like services with a tailored treatment program that addresses all your skin problems. Our state-of-the-art laser and facial services offer cosmeceutical benefits that nourish your skin and help you relax. 

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Facial Treatment in Gurgaon


Are you looking for a specialist dermatologist to treat dry, unhealthy, or acne-prone skin? Clinic Cosmo Lipalane is where all skin blemishes vanish!

With a surfeit of facial treatments, we can keep your skin hydrated and healthy with a premium spa experience unlike any other. Simply lay back and relax, while our aestheticians work magic through advanced facial services. From instantly hydrating your facial skin to treating acne breakouts, we provide several facial services that regenerate skin cells and improve blood circulation inside the skin. This optimal circulation delivers all essential nutrients to the skin with a detoxifying effect. 

Clinic Cosmo Lipalane specialises in world-class beauty services, modern skin care modalities, and bespoke facial treatments. Simply give us a call and tell us about your skin concerns over an in-person consultation. Our skilled and highly qualified therapists will curate a tailored plan as per your skin type and goals to address any blemishes on your skin. 

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Advanced Laser Treatments


Revitalise and rejuvenate your skin with advanced laser treatments at Clinic Cosmo Lipalane. Eliminate signs of aging, address specific skincare concerns, and enhance your glow with personally curated journeys by our laser experts. 

Our laser technology can tackle a surfeit of skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, scars, pigmentation, and more. With a precision laser beam that promotes collagen production for skin rejuvenation, we can improve your skin tone and texture with a radiant overall appearance.

CoolSculpting and Fat Reduction Treatments

Bid adieu to stubborn pockets of fat in your body that refuse to budge to all your diet control and exercises. Clinic Cosmo Lipalane offers cutting-edge, globally renowned fat reduction treatments to eliminate fat cells in your body for a contoured physique. 

We can help you achieve a sculpted appearance with CoolSculpting, a revolutionary transformative solution that targets fat in specific areas of your body. CoolSculpting at Clinic Cosmo Lipalane is performed in a safe and controlled environment with clinically proven results that contour your body into the desired shape.


We, at Clinic Cosmo Lipalane, understand that each individual has unique skin that deserves exclusive facial treatments. As such, we have designed several facial therapies that maximise results with your well-being in mind.  


Our Latest Works


The aesthetic cosmetic physician would make the best cocktail out of all your desired treatment options and would resolve all your skin issues effectively without much discomfort and complications

Clients Testimonial

Get the best skin of your life or better say - let’s bring back the life of your skin with the help of “Hydra Facial” The HydraFacial is a treatment that is suitable for all skin tones and requires no downtime. In fact, your complexion will likely look better walking out the door. You will visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment. So book your appointment today at The Grooming Co. aka TGC, Salon! ☺️
The most amazing salon i have ever visited. I am in love with their work. Got my Hydra Facial done today. The hydra facial is the best, my skin feels baby soft and has a refreshing glow. Thank you so much TGC.

Keep up the good work❤️
A must visit for all of you 🥰
Take advantage of "Hydra Facial" to achieve the healthiest skin of your life or, to put it another way, to revive the life of your skin. There is no downtime necessary and the HydraFacial is appropriate for all skin tones. After only one treatment, you'll notice your skin has improved and has an even, beautiful tone. The Grooming Co., often known as TGC, Salon, so make your appointment today!

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